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What Does a Move-Out Cleaning Service Include?

Oct 25, 2021

Are you planning a move to a new house or apartment? If so, your landlord, the future tenants of your current home — and you — will benefit from the services of a professional cleaning company. We’re here to help you learn what a move-out cleaning service includes and which type of cleaning is best for you.

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What to Expect With Your Move-Out Cleaning

Considering hiring a professional cleaning company to help reduce the stress of moving out? Here, we’ve compiled a list of what’s included in a move-out cleaning service to give you an idea of how your former home will be cleaned.

Your move-out cleaning service may include:

  • Hardwood, laminate, and tile floors have been swept and mopped
  • Carpet has been vacuumed
  • Mirrors and interior windows have been cleaned with glass cleaner
  • Window sills and tracks have been cleaned
  • Blinds have been dusted
  • Doors, door frames, and baseboards have been wiped down
  • Pantry and closet spaces have been swept or vacuumed
  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans dusted
  • Light switch and outlet covers have been wiped down
  • Air vents have been dusted
  • Stovetop, overhead fan, and oven have been cleaned
  • Kitchen and bathroom countertops and sinks have been sanitized
  • Toilet, shower, and bathtub have been cleaned
  • Built-in drawers and cabinets have been wiped down
  • Walls have been wiped

Ensuring that each of these tasks has been completed can help you get your security deposit back and leave with great references from your landlord for your next property. Additionally, proper move-out cleaning can help attract more prospective buyers or renters.

Which Type of Move-Out Cleaning Do I Need?

Now that we have listed what a typical move-out cleaning service includes, we can consider which type of move-out cleaning you may need when hiring a professional cleaning service.

Many cleaning service companies will ask how often you vacuum your floors, when the last time you deep cleaned was if you have any pets that shed around your home, etc. This information allows the company to estimate the time and cost of your cleaning. Move-out house cleaning types generally include standard cleaning and premium cleaning.

Standard Move-Out Cleaning

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Moving out on a tight budget? If you simply need to satisfy the basic cleaning criteria outlined in your lease or sale, choosing a standard cleaning may be your best option.

In order to know if a standard move-out cleaning is the right type for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • How often did you maintain your living spaces, kitchen, and bathrooms?
  • Is there any built-up dirt or grime in the kitchen or bathrooms?
  • Is the build-up mild, moderate, or severe?

In most cases, a standard move-out house cleaning is only recommended when your former home requires dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and tidying up.

If you are aiming for standard move-out cleaning and wish to start cleaning yourself to avoid extra charges for additional cleaning services, check out our move-out cleaning checklist.

Premium Move-Out Cleaning

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A premium move-out cleaning service may be best for your situation if:

  • You did not clean frequently
  • There are stains, grease splatters, mold, bugs, etc. in your kitchen or bathrooms
  • You want to guarantee absolute satisfaction and avoid a cleaning re-do

Fortunately, a premium cleaning service involves cleaning additional appliances and areas in your home that a standard move-out cleaning would not typically cover. A deep move-out house cleaning may include thorough wall scrubbing, carpet shampooing, floor polishing, cleaning appliances, and deep cleaning the bathrooms.

When you’re considering what cleaning company to hire for your move-out, ask for more information or a checklist regarding what the company includes in each of their cleaning packages.

How to Coordinate Hiring a Professional Move-Out Cleaner

Whether you’re considering a standard or premium move-out cleaning service, it’s important to keep in mind that not every cleaning company includes all the services you may be looking for. For example, some businesses may not offer carpet, patio, or garage cleaning, etc.

To better coordinate hiring a professional move-out cleaner, you can do the following.

Ask for Referrals

Ask for suggestions, recommendations, or referrals from family and friends who have moved houses before. They may have hired professional move-out cleaners from a specific company and are knowledgeable about the type of cleaning services they offer.

Usually, they can refer you to a business that they trust and have developed a relationship with.

Call the Company

In addition to checking out a move-out cleaning company’s website, you may also want to ask more specific questions over the phone.

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For example, it can be a huge time-saver to ask which services a company doesn’t offer. You can then move on to another company that offers what you need. Communicating over the phone is also helpful when setting and agreeing on a reasonable, fair price.

Read Reviews

Often, former clients leave reviews about their experience with the company they hired for their cleaning services. You may read former clients’ reviews to make sure you're choosing the right move-out cleaning service for you.

By reading reviews online, you may also encounter a comment that gives a preview of what that specific company does or does not include in their service. This will provide a better idea of which companies will give you a better bang for your buck.

Learn More About Move-Out Cleaning Services

From knowing what a move-out cleaning service includes, the type of cleaning your home needs, and how to coordinate hiring a professional cleaning service, you are saving more time and energy to fully focus on your new home. You can sit back and relax with the excitement of setting up your new space just the way you want it.

For an easy way to hire a professional move-out cleaning service, visit Moveout.com.


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Article written by Mia Sofia Pimentel

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March 2023

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