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Affording a Move-Out

How Much Should a Move-Out Cleaning Cost You?

Oct 22, 2021

Are you struggling to get your place cleaned up for move-out inspection? It could be time to hire a cleaning professional. But how much should a move-out cleaning cost?

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Do You Need a Professional Move-Out Cleaning?

Cleaning in preparation for moving is time-consuming and difficult to get right. Hiring professionals to do your cleaning will not only reduce the stress of moving out but will also give you more time to move into your new home. Additionally, it can increase the chance of getting your security deposit back.

This all makes professional move-out cleaning attractive — however, move-out cleaning doesn’t always come cheap.

So what determines the cost of your move-out cleaning? How much should your move-out cleaning cost? What is included for that price you are paying? What extra charges might you run into?

Let us answer these questions for you below.

What Determines Your Move-Out Cleaning Cost?

Your move-out cleaning cost is determined by different factors: the size of the property, your location, appliances, and places you want to be cleaned.

Size is the main factor, as cleaning services will charge different prices depending on the size of your rental property. If you have a studio, one-, or two-bedroom apartment, it will cost you less. If you have three or more bedrooms, the cleaning service will charge you more based on the number of rooms and the square footage.

Your city or state will greatly affect the price as well. It typically costs $140+ for a one-bedroom standard cleaning, but a move-out cleaning will cost extra, with prices varying by state.

For example, if you have a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, California, or Dallas, Texas, you can expect to pay around $200 for a move-out cleaning. For residents of New York City, New York, or Honolulu, Hawaii, move-out cleaning prices are going to be higher. For New York City, the price is $240+ to clean a one-bedroom, and for Honolulu, it’s $300+.

The last factor that determines your move-out cleaning cost is the additional appliances and spaces you want to be cleaned. Basic cleaning services, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting, are included with your move-out cleaning. However, the cleaning service provider may charge extra to clean items like the inside of the refrigerator, oven, interior walls, carpet, etc.

How Much Should Your Move-Out Cleaning Cost?

Now that you know what determines the cost of your move-out cleaning, how much should you expect to pay for your property?

The list below shows an estimated average price range for move-out cleaning services in various types of properties.

  • Studio: $100 to $270
  • One-bedroom: $120 to $400
  • Two-bedroom: $150 to $450
  • Three-bedroom: $180 to $500
  • Additional bedrooms: +$30 to $50

The price range is based on the lowest standard price to the highest cost with all services included. Some cleaning services will offer one price to do all cleaning, however, most will have a base price with add-ons or a la carte options available. There is also another cost you may want to include: tips.

Tipping Your Cleaners

In the service industry, tipping is a regular practice used to show gratitude and appreciation for your service.

The general rule for tipping is 15% to 20% of the total bill, but adding a 20% tip onto a $300 cleaning service can be a considerable amount. In this case, leaving a smaller tip can make a good impression should you require their service again in the future while still being cognizant of your budget.

For newer cleaning companies, you may not be expected to tip, as they are likely more employee-conscious and pay higher wages. That said, it's still a good gesture to leave a tip to show gratitude.

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Things You Can Do to Reduce Move-Out Cleaning Costs

You may be able to reduce your move-out cleaning costs by cleaning certain areas of your house before the professionals come in. While deep-cleaning the carpet, bathrooms, and kitchen may be better handled by a cleaning company, you’ll likely be able to clean things like the windows, refrigerator, and garage with household cleaning supplies you already own.

There are numerous move-out cleaning checklists online that you can follow before moving to save a few bucks.

Getting a Professional Move-Out Cleaning: Priceless

You may not think it’s necessary to pay for professional cleaning when you move out, but it comes with several benefits. Hiring a professional cleaner will save you time that could be better spent on moving into your new home.

Additionally, the better condition you leave your former home, the higher the possibility of getting your security deposit back. Your landlord may even require you to pay for a professional move-out cleaning and ask for proof that it’s been done. Make sure to check your lease before you leave.

To hire a professional cleaning company for your move-out, check out Moveout.com.


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Article written by Zhi Hao Liu

Hire a reliable, trusted cleaner for your next move!

March 2023

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