Affording a Move-Out

How Much Should You Budget for Home Maintenance and Repairs Before Moving Out?

Mar 9, 2022

When you think of moving out, the first thing that comes to mind is the long to-do list of organizing and packing. Closing costs, including home maintenance and repairs, can often be overlooked until you are flooded by unexpected bills. Prepare ahead of time to leave your home in top condition — without breaking the bank.

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Importance of Budgeting for Home Maintenance and Repairs

When moving out of a property, it's crucial to account for inevitable home maintenance and repair fees to prevent financial surprises. Taking care of these expenses ensures renters get their security deposit back in full and helps boost curb appeal for homeowners looking to sell.

Knowing what fees may arise allows you to schedule repairs ahead of time and balance your finances before the move. Prevent future headaches of unexpectedly high bills by learning how to budget for your move-out maintenance and repairs.

What Home Maintenance Repairs Should You Plan For?


Based on your home’s value, age, size, and individual characteristics, your closing costs will vary. Follow these guidelines to get an idea of how much money you should set aside for move-out maintenance and repairs. Factors That Will Affect Home Maintenance Costs Making sure that you are up-to-date on routine home maintenance will prevent tasks from piling up when you are looking to move-out. Seasonal upkeep and regular cleaning will help ward off the need for major repairs.

Consider the lifespan of household features and appliances. Some average life expectancies by The Spruce, shown below, will help you gauge when it is time to get a replacement.


Keep in mind that home appliances may potentially fall short of the average due factors ranging from the original condition you received them, usage, and how well they have been maintained.

If you have the ability, it can be helpful to ask the landlord or previous homeowner what their typical maintenance budget looked like and if they have any suggestions of things to watch out for.

1% to 4% Range


The 1% rule for home maintenance suggests allocating 1% of the home’s purchase price for a budget for maintenance and repairs.

According to an article by The Balance, setting a budget in the 1% to 4% range may be more realistic depending on your home’s age. Along with charm and character, older homes bring potential issues as a result of deterioration.

If you purchased a home for $500,000 expect to pay $5,000 to $20,000 yearly, for routine maintenance.

When calculating, we suggest adding an additional 1% depending on the location of your home. For example, if you live in an area with cold winters, high humidity, or other extreme weather events, expect to allocate a larger budget for repairs and maintenance. Additionally, living in a location with an overall high cost of living may increase rates.

Staying on top of regular upkeep for your home will ultimately help you save when it comes time to move out by eliminating add-on costs.

As shared by HomeAdvisor, the average move-out cleaning costs $360, typically ranging from $110 to $650 depending on the size and condition of the home. Additional move-out cleaning services, such as cleaning blinds, carpets, and inside appliances, add an average of $150 to $390 to the total cost.

Major Repairs

It's important to remember that life is full of surprises. When budgeting for a move-out, we suggest putting a little extra aside for the unexpected. Final inspections before selling may uncover some unknown repairs or replacements needed.

If all goes as planned, you get a little cash back in your pocket!

Know How Much to Budget for Home Repairs

Spending more money is the last thing you want to think about when planning your move-out.

Creating a budget and saving money ahead of time will allow you to eliminate the financial stress. We recommend allocating some money for a professional move-out cleaning, if you can, to maximize your time and minimize your to-do list. To find a trusted cleaning service for your move-out, turn to


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Article written by McKenzie Moore


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